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A real gambler today needs a high-performance Internet connection. What used to work on a PC with CD-Rom and DVD, the experts relocate more and more to the Internet. It’s not just about updates or paged that are stored on servers. The excellent, lifelike graphics just need a lot of space; so many data packages are not only deposited on the computer of the players, but on servers of the manufacturer in many high-quality games. In addition, online games such as World of War craft are played exclusively on the Internet.

If in such games, the DSL connection is too tight, it can come in the middle of fighting with the boss to jerks or delays. Then the end of your hero is reached faster than the player sees it on screen at all. While he is still pondering about the last feint, it has long been for him on the server, Game over. The player learns of his playful end only a moment later. A similar frustrating problem may be loss of data packets in transmission or time delays in dueling against real players. Therefore, gamers should strive for a sufficiently fast DSL connection. However, apart from the bandwidth, other technical details are also important. Your options for the perfect games from the sites like Run 3 unblocked comes there.

Why is bandwidth important for gaming?

Basically, the bigger the bandwidth, the smoother a game goes. For example, Microsoft recommends at least 1.5 Mbps download and 200 Kbps upload for the Xbox One. However, the speed during the game loses over a certain bandwidth between 16 and 32 Ambit / s in importance. Nevertheless, connections with faster downloads are also worthwhilebecause while the game is already running smoothly, updates and installations download tons of GB data from the web. Each Ambit / s counts more in speed. This is even truer when other roommates hang on the same internet connection or parallel music or video over the line.

Ping: Why is latency important for gaming?

In addition to bandwidth, it is above all the so-called latency that interests gamers. This is also called Ping. Behind this technical term hides a delay in data transmission. This can become a big frustration factor, especially in a one-to-one duel with other players. Delays on one side can even lead to undefined flying cartridges on ego shooters. To put it simply: Anyone who has too high a ping value on the line at Halo or Counterstrike does not lose because he is worse, but because his command arrives too slowly at the server. The dreaded lags are created.

Gaming via DSL: Improved transmission with Fast path and Interleaving

Parcel losses are another nuisance. If certain data packet components are lost during the transfer, this leads to stuttering, missing graphic pixels or a faulty gamesave. As a rule, packet losses generally minimize DSL providers using technology interleaving. This also has advantages for gamers. However, there is a catch. The ping value goes up significantly.

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