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How much Practice should a new Rummy Player do before playing Cash Games

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice.’ This quote by Vladimir Horowitz clearly indicates that if you want to be outstanding in a field, you must put in efforts and practise the skill. Games and sports are considered to be leisure pursuits. Yet, it is a widely-known fact that sportspersons sweat it out not only on the field, but also off the field. Whether it is an indoor game or an outdoor sport, practice is essential. When it comes to the interesting rummy game, one does not have to physically toil hard, but yes, to be a rummy winner, one must drill the mind.

The ABC of Practice

As far as the magnitude of practice is concerned, it is for sure that practice never ceases. It might be any game – first you acquire basic knowledge about the game, then delve deeper into its rules, tips, tricks, and strategies, followed by practice sessions and eventually you pick up the gauntlet and dive into the competition arena. During all this while, practice is directly or indirectly going on. The same holds true for the fascinating card-melding game of rummy.

An Enjoyable Journey

Typically, people are introduced to the simple but brain-storming Indian Rummy by their kith or kin. This is when you get a little familiar with the game. As the game successfully arouses the curious streak of almost everybody, you embark on your rummy odyssey with great gusto. The destination is the tables of Cash Rummy Games – the confluence of heady entertainment and a lucrative proposition to earn money online. And not to mention that the journey itself is enchanting. You enjoy each step and every aspect of it.

Step #1: Gaining Knowledge

The game is available online and so are the ways to learn it. Read online blogs and watch informative YouTube tutorial videos to understand the theoretical aspects of the game. These include the rules, tips, tricks, and innovative strategies to manoeuvre the game in your favour. Ample information is there on the net, so that you do not have to ask anybody for help.

Step #2: Practice Tables

Almost every rummy website has the provision of free games that allow newbie players to hone their skills. They are on the same lines as the cash games and it is here that you should test your tricks and strategies, whether learnt from rummy blogs or your own out-of-the-box ideas. You get a certain number of practice chips that you can play with. They keep on getting credited or debited from your account as you win or lose. Learn from your mistakes and keep improving.

Step #3: Freeroll Tournaments

By now, you have practiced enough and can think of some money-generating options. A deposit of a meagre Rs 100, and you are ready to roll – in the freeroll tourneys. It is entirely a win-win practice session. You are entitled to participate in any number of tournaments. If you win, your account gets enriched but if you lose, nothing is deducted from your account. These tourneys witness the presence of players from all over the country and are an excellent practice avenue.

Step #4: Cash Rummy Games

The much-awaited destination is here. Now, you can descend onto the cash tables and experience an entirely different kind of adrenaline rush. Avail yourself of the various promotions offered by the site. These offers enable you to play more and win more. Practice is still going on!

The Gist

Practice is the tool that helps you augment your skills and gives you the air of a veteran. We have revealed the multifarious ways in which you can practice the rummy game. Following this step-by-step approach can pave your way to success. It is not a question of ‘how much practice’. As and when you feel confident enough to take-on the rummy pros, you are ready for the cash rummy games!

Practice puts brains in your muscles.’                                                                                     — Sam Snead

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